About Custom Product Design And Development

Custom Product Design And Development is a business created by Steven Edward Wood to provide custom software and hardware solutions. Steve has been designing, developing, and deploying custom software since 1982 and custom hardware since 2007 after completing a bachelor degree in computer engineering with minors in math, physics, and electrical & electronic & mechanical engineering from California State University, Sacramento. His customers have included Intel, Micron, Verizon Laboratories, and IBM; as well as government and individual clients.

Completed Projects:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with minors in Math, Physics, and Electronic & Mechanical Engineering at California State University, Sacramento conferred May 13, 2007 after a total of 255 semester hours which is equivalent to 8-1/2 years of college at an average 15 units per semester which is a typical engineering course load or 10-1/2 years of college at an average 12 units per semester which is a full load for all other majors with a 4.0 final GPA for computer coursework. Five of these semesters resulted in the Dean’s List Award for academic achievement. My senior project was as project leader with our task to replace a microwave oven controller with our own controller. We succeeded in replacing the controller in two different ovens and added features such as radio frequency identification (RFID) to scan food products and automatically program the oven for cooking, plus web access including an embedded web server and firmware upgrade path. Bachelor Of Science Degree Certificate Of Achievement Fall 2003 Certificate Of Achievement Spring 2004 Certificate Of Achievement Spring 2006 Certificate Of Achievement Fall 2006 Certificate Of Achievement Spring 2007

Examples Of Work
This Analog to Digital Converter was the only design which met the minimum size requirement. The key was in understanding Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor electronics for the Adder circuit. Steve discovered that one of the transistors was not needed. This discovery led to eliminating a transistor which not only reduced the number of transistors, but also shifted the carry output terminal to the other side of the component thereby allowing immediate connection to the input of the next adder. Analog Digital Converter
This Windows Forms application allowed print engineers to design custom stationary. The key to the application was in the ability to create new components on the fly. Periscope Main Form
This database structure uses an Object Oriented Design (OOD) method called Encapsulation where each table is independent; thus, allowing unlimited relationships to other tables which is crucial for data mining. Periscope Database Structure